We have many different types of products, but our most popular are our PDF downloads.  They can come from several different sources, but you have likely have heard of our online "cash contest giveaways" which has members competing for position on the leader boards and also for cryptocoins and/or cash (PayPal) prizes for the few top finishers of each contest.

But some don't know about our labyrints, rebuses and crosswords available for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations and more.  On a very limited basis, we can also be available for custom designs on custom graphics on personal quotations or greetings.

  Member Download Page  

Members can retrieve purchased PDF downloads from this page.  Until a download is paid for, a link will not appear on this page.  All of the links are by default ordered by the date that the puzzle appeared in the contest system.  If you have not purchased any PDF downloads, no links will be visible to you.

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We have a complete library over the span of this year (2019) of all contest puzzles and solutions as they become available.  As some know, we intend to host a gigantic year in review puzzle contest in which our best puzzle solvers will compete for substantial (hopefully, depending on our revenue) prizes and beating our ultimate Annual Super Mega Puzzle!

The Annual Super Mega Puzzle will be a collection of convoluted conglomerates of chosen puzzles from 2019 offering a fast action contest for those up to the challenge.  There will be a page to input solutions as with our normal contests, but multiple CORRECT answers will be required to successfully complete the challenge.  Also as with all of our contests, membership is required to participate.

Some thoughts about our Annual Super Mega Puzzle.  If you plan on participating, only the strong need apply, downloading all of the past puzzles & solutions from this page is the least cost effective (most expensive) method, though doable.  You should save your puzzles & solutions as we put them out, because the older the archive becomes, the more expensive they become.  One more option for collecting puzzles & solutions are the crib sheet downloads (without solutions) and final editions of our puzzle books on Amazon, though the final contests in December may be difficult to get the final editions on time before the Annual Super Mega Puzzle ends on February 1st, 2020 @ 00:00:00 Pacific Standard Time.

Our friends that have small tablets or smart phones will likely have a difficult time solving the puzzles online.  Other friends may feel more comfortable using a pencil and paper approach to puzzle solving.  To that end, we have set up links that will allow purchased PDF files to emailed to them to be printed out on paper by the member.

  Buy Contest Crib Sheets Downloads  

Our crib sheets are bundled into an E-book PDF download sold on this page as they become available.  Crib sheets are the precursor to the full edition of the coming puzzle book.  The purpose of the crib notes is to give purchasers a head start on the upcoming contests on this website.  E-book PDF downloads are the only versions available, no physical product.  Crib Sheet products will be removed as they expire.

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 Commissioned Custom Puzzle Builds  

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