*** Start Up Message ***

Please keep in mind that we are brand new, and as far as we know unique in our business model.   So since we had no other sites to model or mimic, we undoubtedly will have glitches and errors.   We will be in a rapid repair mode in the beginning, taking most of our input from the suggestions.   Rather than throwing little Twitter tantrums, like one idiot we all know, please advise us of any problem on any suggestions link.   They are located on every page in the footer area and most pages at the top of the right side bar, above the log on area.   YOU DON'T NEED TO BE A MEMBER TO SUBMIT SUGGESTIONS.   Anyone can submit them, and our highest priority at this time is reading and prioritizing incoming suggestions and obviously fixing any site problems.

Inspiration -> Creation -> Execution

This system was inspired by author / teacher / creator Tony Laidig, who taught methods for creating and publishing puzzle books.   The original inspiration evolved into this system as envisioned by the founder Gary & team.   We finally realized a way to utilize our technical experience and have massive amounts of fun while doing so.

PuzzleTrends transcends normal business practices in that the founder has no urgent needs for large sums of cash, so we will normally put the lion's share of profit back into the contest payouts.   Puzzletrends.com was created with a different perspective by an old crippled veteran who enjoys giving away money to contest winners.   Due to the fact that he got run over by a train (more on that later), Uncle Sam sends him a pay check each month, making the profit motivation a lower priority.

Income From Products, Trinkets, Baubles, Tchotchkes & Advertising

This website was created as a starting point for ancillary byproducts for the upcoming PuzzleTrends paperbacks published & sold on Amazon.com, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and other trinkets.   When the entire model comes together, more and hopefully improved puzzle books and tchotchkes will be created.   Future published products will be the result of bundling the cash/crypto-currency contest puzzles hosted here.

Advertising income helps add to the size and frequency of the contests.   The Annual Super Mega Puzzle prize size will be proportional to the income received.   The more we make, the bigger the cash/crypto-currency payouts!   Advertising can be a big part of that if you click once per visit on the ads.   More info here!

Our Plans

Our main thrust in puzzles on the web site will be labyrinths, but occasionally we'll include a rebus or two and some crossword puzzles, and we are open to suggestions.   We intend offering constant multiple concurrent contests on the website, if our service finds enough supporters.   There are also plans for an Annual Super Mega Puzzle that actually will offer a (hopefully significant) cash/crypto-currency prize for the first few PuzzleTrends members who correctly input entries into the secret annual solution web page hidden somewhere on the website.

One more point about the prize money being paid out.   We will pay the prizes out using PayPal, Bitcoins, and hopefully other cryptocoins, so we highly encourage you to have a PayPal account or crypto wallet (for Bitcoins), so we can use it to transfer funds.   If we must; we are able to issue checks drawn on a US bank, but we only have US funds, which could be problematic and costly to our friends without a bank account and all of our foreign friends.

The only catch to entering the contests is that you MUST be a PuzzleTrends member.   The good news is that ANYONE who has not been banned can join and continue being a member for FREE!   That's right no money, only a valid email address, as membership instructions, contest notifications, flash clues and flash coupons must be emailed to you, so preferably one you check often.   Of course we do offer premium membership options, which you can read more about after you join!


Please help expand the site so that we have more eyes on the pages, make more money and increase our quantities of puzzles and the size of the prize money.   Please make extensive use of the social share buttons at the bottom of the page.   Tell all of your friends, family, co-workers, fellow students and anyone that will listen to you about us!   You should even issue challenges to your friends as to who can solve the puzzles the fastest.   No worries about proof, as your winning ranks for each contest will be on your member page.   So PLEASE help spread the word!

Welcome to our site!   Enjoy!